Best cloud storage for photos,free and paid

These days we can see virus attacks and ransomware attacks are increasing day by day. Just imagine ransomware encrypting your data while you are reading this article. What if you would never be able to recover that data. That’s Why backup your data is so important. You can backup data using physical devices like pen drives, SD cards, Hard Disks, etc.

But these types of physical devices can be damaged or lost with time, and limited storage is another cause. But if you keep that data in cloud drive will be safer than store in the physical disks for your valuable files. For example, we take pictures to remember our special events of life.

So don’t put your memorial moments into risk. Here are the best cloud storage for photos. They offer some cloud space for free. However, you can add more storage for a small price.

5 Mega cloud  storage

Mega is based on Newzeland company and one of the best cloud drive for heavyweight backups. On the other hand, mega also have a mobile app and the desktop app so users can easily handle their uploads and downloads.

mega plans
Mega Cloud Plans

You can get free 15 GB storage for free when you register mega, and also you can increase your storage for a limited time by doing some tasks. Even that mega offers business and personal storage plans for an affordable price. Mega says all your data stored in the mega cloud is encrypted with end-to-end encryption.


onedrive logo

If you are using windows operating system, you could probably seen the OneDrive desktop app. Most importantly, Microsoft photos app uses OneDrive to saving pictures on our devices. You can upload files up to 5GB limit for free. Prices are given below for additional storage

onedrive plans
OneDrive paid Plans

3.Dropbox cloud storage

When we are talking about the best cloud storage for photos, we can’t forget the famous brand name, Dropbox.

It doesn’t matter whether you manage files individually or with the business team. Because Dropbox has multiple options for you. Dropbox has a fantastic feature for photographers;

That is Dropbox allows you to work with raw files. (raw file means a collection of unprocessed data. which means file had not been manipulated, compressed, altered in the computer).

Therefore you can work with photos using especially preview function. As a result, you can save much time with less work.

2.Google Drive

You probably heard about google drive if you have a Gmail account. Google Drive is one of the best ways to keep photos. Google Drive has great user interface,so anyone can work with it easily.

google drive screen shot
Google Drive Interfae

When you share files with another person, you can change settings for actions they can take like re-share, edit, view, and etc. Google drive offers 15GB free storage for every Gmail account. Google drive has features for group projects.

1.iDrive cloud storage

iDrive gives a continuous syncing option for their client’s files on network drives. iDrive web interface supports share files platforms like twitter, Facebook, emails.

A great feature that iDrive has is if you delete files from your computer, they are not going to eliminate as well as from the server.

That ability helps you to avoid removing data by mistake. You can recover your data up to 30 versions of your deleted data with iDrive.

Most importantly, iDrive supports facial recognition feature, consequently its help you to organize your photos easily. So iDrive is one of the best cloud storage for photos.

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