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Kinemaster is a video editing app that is available for Android and iOS mobiles to edit videos with adding effects. Download kine master diamond for edit videos easily using your device. Video editing is becoming one of the required skills in the modern world. We can see advanced video editing software available with PC, but it easier our task if we can do recording and editing with the same device. It will save a lot of time.


Kinemaster has a simple user interface so anyone can understand how to edit videos easily. This app has both free and paid versions.


This app lets You work on multiple layers like Adobe Premiere depending on your device.this app doesn’t allow gaps in the first timeline, and you can have anything on the second timeline. This video editing app features many tools for cropping, opacity, adjustment sliders, chroma-key, rotate, and etc. Some popular youtube channels and TikTok users use this app for their video editing works.

kinemaster editing

Is it safe to download KineMaster Diamond apk

Yes, if you download it from our website. Some fake websites provide this app after modified to virus or keylogger. So it is better if you check your downloaded apk with virustotal website or another good antivirus software.

Real-time recording

Kinemaster can be used for real-time audio and video recording. Using this feature, users can add effects. At the same time, recording and the same can be done with audios. Therefore it will prevent you from spending a lot of time on video editing.


User interface and controls are the most important features in video editing apps because it decides how it easier to work can be done. So kinemaster is one app that anyone can easier to understand the workflow. The action bar is located on the left, and you can change the tools depending on what’s selected in the timeline.

kinemaster start screen

The media panel is a large circle and located on the right upper can import media, premium features(kinemaster asset store), new layers, recodings using media panel.

Effects and transitions

Adding transitions and effects can be done solely on the primary timeline. When two clips are next to each other, there large “+” icon appears between them. Tap it for reversal the list of transitions organized by categories.

Effects are placed under other layers in the timeline and applied via the media player. If you are looking for additional effects, you can find them under the kinemaster asset store.

How to download kinemaster diamond

You can download it by clicking below link

How to install kinemaster apk

*After you download the file, click on it, and follow displaying instructions.

*If you got some error messages, you should turn on the unknown sources option in your mobile

Below image will help

unknown sources android

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