Mophie wireless charging pad apple optimized review

Wireless charging makes easy our works, stopping problems with regular chargers. When we talk about an Apple wireless charging release with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, wireless charging became more popular.

Also, we know that they are the first apple iPhones that included Qi wireless compatible. Under those circumstances, most wireless charger brands developed new chargers and improved their existing ones.  


Mophie is one of the famous wireless charging brands on the market. Mophie wireless charging pad has its uniquely simple design with a beautiful look. It has a small white or black disc with a bright surface, and its rubber circle will keep your phone from slipping.

mophie wireless charger marketed as Apple wireless charging solutions, but it’s Qi-compatible. Therefore, it will work with last released wireless charging smartphones like Samsung Galaxy, Google’s Pixels as let’s go to the facts you need to know before you buy this charger.

Power that uses

This wireless charger comes with its own AC adapter brick, unlike most other chargers.this is one of a problem with this wireless charger, in other words, AC adapter in this wireless charger charging cable need to connect with DC charging tip.

But some people can say that isn’t an issue that charger comes with an AC power adapter. In fact that for power this wireless charger, they used DC charging tip, so if the cable beginning to wear down, then you won’t be able to use this charger anymore.

mophie apple

This feature doesn’t make any sense. For this reason, if this charger doesn’t use a DC port for power instead uses a USB-C input or Micro-USB input, you can easily replace a charging cable.

You can get the maximum charging speed for iPhone devices because it’s capable of charging at up to 7.5W(5V/1.5A).however, you won’t be able to get any fast charging on a Samsung device.

If you are using this charger for other devices, then they will charge at 5W(5V/1.0A). In general, this charger is designed for focus on iPhones, so that has a limit on it for other devices that use Qi charging.

Mophie wireless charging pad Design

The weight and size of this charging pad are not going to be a problem to have charm design and thickness of 0.4 inches with length/width of 3.8 inches and weight of  4.3 ounces.

How to use Mophie wireless charging pad

You can easily use this wireless charger as well as other wireless chargers.when you plug into this charger using DC charging cable, you will be able to charge your phone.

mophie wireless charger 7.5W

After you place your smartphone on charging port small green light turn on the bottom of the wireless charger, put your phone middle of the charger to make sure that you can charge the phone because this charger features one charging coil.

Build material

The entire wireless charger made with plastics and used rubber rings to keep the phone on the charger without slip. During charging, smartphones and charger will get a little warm(not hot), but it’s reasonable compared to other wireless chargers.

As I said before, this charger is suitable for charge iPhones with this in mind it other smartphones get a slow 5W charging rate.


*Design is lightweight and simple

*Build is best compared to another wireless charger.

*The charger is powered with a DC port.

*No bright lights like other chargers

*Ones your phone is fully charged, mophie stops charging.

*Wireless technology is optimized for iPhone

*Latest Qi wireless technology

*Apple optimized

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